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Blackjack Plus (iOS App)

    Welcome to the future of Blackjack! Empire Global Gaming Inc. (EPGG) showcases their (US Patent #: 7,222,854 B2) Patented and Trademarked game, Blackjack Plus TM ! The first multi-side bet variation of Blackjack on the Apple IOS & iPadOS store! Side Bets: -There are 5 side bets ranging, 2-8, 9-11, 12-16, 17-20 & 21. These […]

Blackjack Plus

Our patent-pending casino games using 50-card 5-Color decks are variations of the standard “21”, Baccarat, Poker and others. They produce better winning percentages for the house, while providing the players much more action and excitement. For the “21” variations, the odds are: House Edge 50 card 5 color: 2 to 1 payout = 2.5%, 3 to 1 […]

50 Card 5 Color Poker

50 Card 5-Color Deck for Poker – ALL VARIATIONS: Deal and play all variations of poker games with the same rules that are used with the standard 52-card deck. The only difference is the rank of the high and low poker hands. More players stay in the hands longer, creating better action. There is also more […]

Bonus Poker Blackjack

Our patent-pending Class I, Class II and Class III casino-grade games are an exciting new custom variation to Blackjack mixed with poker.  They are non-advantage to card-counting, have a profitable house edge and hold, and are player and dealer friendly. Bonus Poker Blackjack: Blackjack and poker game mix, with one side bet based on the players […]

New Balanced American 2 Color Single spun Roulette

    All games below are patented and/or patent-pending. New and exciting Class I, Class II and Class III casino-grade games. Standard & Balanced American Roulette: Play exactly the same as standard Roulette games with the same house edge but more excitement. Available with patented digit bets. American Balanced 12 Color Single Spun American Balanced 12 […]

Czar Cards

An innovative new card deck that features five colors to enhance all your favorite card games. Exclusive mathematically-balanced card deck with probability and strategy charts. The cards are standard size and guarantees you more action, excitement and skill on your favorite card games. These include all variations of Poker, 21,  Baccarat, Gin, Blackjack, and more! Features one and […]


Exciting new custom Class I, II & III casino grade game, played with two 20-sided dice, similar to deal- ing and playing roulette with dice, simple and easy to play, player and dealer friendly. Adjustable house edge. See mathematical analysis.